The Elements of a Successful Tile Project

A well executed tile installation provides aesthetics, function and  durability in equal measure.   The following are a few critical points that will make the difference between a tile environment that adds lasting beauty and value to your home, and one that fades into the background (or even counts against you when the appraiser comes to visit!). Blue Wave Tile makes these details an integral part of every job.

Good Design:
Beautiful and practical tile work begins with great design.  While some people have a knack for imagining what they want, others would appreciate some help.  Design services are available at the better tile stores in Memphis. 

Tile designers can take your idea and help you develop it. They will help you refine your many options into a pleasing combination of tile, color, and texture that is just right for you. You may already have an interior designer working with you to achieve that certain look.  In concert with good design, our tile artistry will ensure that you receive the maximum return on your investment, and give your kitchen, bath, or other tiled environment that "WOW factor"!


The Right Preparation:
Tile, stone, and glass will last a lifetime (even longer) if surfaces that the tile is to be installed on are prepared conscienciously. Failures or just obvious mistakes in tile installation are due mostly to improper or incomplete  preparation. 

Loose tiles, leaks, water not draining, popping grout,  tile edges sticking up, crooked corners, tiled surfaces bowing in or out---these are symptoms of insufficient  prep work. Preparation is a routine matter in every job and always necessary to some degree.

When and if there is an issue with your existing floor, wall or other surfaces that is more than routine,  we will address it  with you and make the necessary corrections to insure the integrity of your tile.
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A Careful Layout:
Centering tile in doorways, down halls, finding symmetry on walls, around windows, under vent-a–hoods,  artfully establishing feature areas--- are a major means of showcasing your tile and we will find the best combination for your project. 

To be accurate on floors we use a grid system of lines to ensure that we have the best tile placement and the straightest lines.  We will know exactly where each tile is going to be and  will precut before we start the setting process. By using the grid system, we are able to confirm that everything is right before we begin the more unpredictable step of putting each tile in the adhesive.



A Flat And Smooth Surface:
robably the most difficult aspect of giving you a quality tile installation is to lay each tile so that the overall surface is smooth and flat. With hundreds of tiles in every project you can appreciate the fact that good technique and pre-planning is essential. Square-edged stone, marble or porcelain are the most challenging while tiles with a beveled edge are more forgiving.   


Tight And Consistent Grout Lines:
Another critical detail of a fine quality tile installation is consistent grout lines.  It is unsightly if they bend or are interrupted by tiles out of position.  These lines must be straight, clean and of uniform and minimal width without any voids or gaps.
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Smooth Transition Between Adjacent Surfaces:
All transitions between dissimilar materials, such as those between tile and drywall (ex. tiled tub wall meeting painted drywall),  glass and granite (ex. where backsplash meets countertop),  or between floor tile and hardwood ---all these transitions should be tight, clean, and seamless.

Floors in particular, take a beating under even moderate traffic -making a high-quality transition critical for both durability and visual flow . Mouse over the images for an expanded view, click them for a super-size view!






Protecting Your Home:
Last but not least is protecting your carpets, furniture and other important things from harm.  It is our practice to make you aware of what the effect of our work will be on your home’s interior or exterior and we will work with you to implement safeguards!