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What To Expect When You Hire Us

Before We Can Start:
We will need to perform a no-obligation evaluation of the area(s) of your home that you would like to have tiled. During this evaluation, we will determine the exact square footage of the project and identify any potential areas that may require additional repair and/or adjustments prior to laying in new tile.
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We will provide you with a materials list detailing the quantity of tile that should be purchased for the job, as well as required supplies such as grout and border materials.  We will also email or fax you a detailed installation cost estimate.

The Day That We Begin The Installation:
Typically, we will arrive at 8AM on the day that your installation is to commence. We will need the use of a sheltered area in which to safely store your new tile, and set up the equipment and fixtures necessary to properly prepare the tile for installation. A garage is an ideal location for this purpose.
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Prior to preparing the installation site to receive the new tile or stone, we will work with you to protect adjacent areas to ensure that your home and furnishings are safe from the dust and dirt of the work area.

While The Installation Is In Progress:
While we are installing your new tile, you can expect the room to go through several evolutions as the work progresses.
There are so many steps in the tiling process that it's often hard to recognize for what it is until the final few steps of the installation.

Check out the last two steps in the installation series -the wet, cloudy-looking tiled floor is exactly the same surface as the mirror finished one -it's just a step or two earlier in the process. Feel free to ask any questions that you may have about our installation process -our mission is to keep you informed and satisfied that your tile project is in the hands of the best in the business -Blue Wave Tile!