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The Blue Wave Story

Founded out of a vision of excellence, artistry, and great customer service, Blue Wave Tile & Stone is headed up by Mark Sutton, an owner/installer with many years in the tile business. After 15 years of setting tile in Atlanta with his former company, Cardinal Designed Floors, he moved to Memphis in 1999 and soon after began what is now Blue Wave Tile and Stone.

“Working with tile is  just as much an art as it is a skill and and we accommodate both” Mark states. “The full beauty, endurance, and practicality of tile is realized only if it’s designed well and installed suberbly.”    “Technique is important!”   “Whether  humble or ‘five star’ we do the same quality work for everyone.”  These sentiments set the tone for Blue Wave’s projects and sustain its reputation for excellence and customer satisfaction.

Blue Wave proudly leads the way in the field of glass tile installation in the greater Memphis area.  The new generation of glass tile has extraordinary brilliance and color  and unlimited design possiblities -making it the choice of top interior designers everywhere.  Glass is atypical in many critical ways when it comes to installation -requiring advanced technique that is the hallmark of a Blue Wave installation.

Mark Sutton, owner of BlueWave Tile and Stone

Mark Sutton

The world of tile, stone and glass is vast, complex, and always changing.  At Blue Wave, we stay in regular contact with the major tile manufacturers so that we can stay up to date on product specifications and usage guidelines. We also consult with other  professionals to stay abreast of  the new developments and changes that are constantly occuring in our field.

When you have finished checking out our website we hope you will  give us a call and let us help you make your tile dreams come true.

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